Developmental Edit

Shaping Stage

The total amount will be determined upon a perusal of the manuscript to determine how many hours of work will be required to do the edit, the total amount will be calculated based on that assessment.



Generally two passes are done. First past, requires half the payment in advance. Once the writer has completed the edits, a second pass of the manuscript is completed upon receipt of the another 25% of the original fee and the final 25% is due prior to delivery of the final manuscript. Work will be done in Google docs only and a shared document will contain all the work. The final manuscript will be delivered in proper manuscript formatting. This is not a detailed copy/line edit or proofreading.

A developmental edit is sometimes called a structural edit, a deep-dive edit, a macro edit, or a big-picture edit. This is an organizational edit. Chapters may be moved, holes or missing text might be suggested, chapters may be renamed or reordered.

  • Edits will provide edits that give the text a cohesive flow.
  • jargon, cliches, etc. to be defined or eliminated.
  • Check for tone and language
  • Identify things that require context and clarity
  • Ensure smooth transitions between chapters.
  • Look for holes/fill in missing content.
  • Ensure that prose is clear and appropriate for the target audience.
  • Assist in ensuring the prose uses engages the reader.

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